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International collaboration to promote mentoring will continue beyond Re-Generations

After two years replicating the Referents project in Greece and Italy within the framework of the Re-Generations Project –training professional support team and designing and following-up on the projects’ implementation– the two entities have acquired the necessary knowledge to continue alone.

This experience will end in May with a joint meeting in Greece, where we will share the experience gained by each country and the results obtained. The meeting will also be open to other organizations interested in mentoring. In the meantime, the video made by Punt Referència is available.  It explains how mentoring has served in all three countries for accompanying young migrants without family ties in the territory, as they work their way towards emancipation.



Despite closing this stage, the collaboration between the entities will continue in a new project which also includes the European Center for Evidence-based Mentoring: the project Road to Adulthood -Mentorship Helping Migrant and Refugee Unaccompanied Minors Navigate Adulthood. You will hear from us soon!