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A new trusting figure to share an important moment

The young person meets a volunteer who provides emotional, leisure and linguistic support, accompaniment in the occupational insertion, the studies and the search for housing, the improvement of skills & abilities and expansion of the social network.


The mentoring relationships in Referents lasts 10 months, during which the relationship gradually consolidates until it becomes natural in the lives of the two people who, otherwise, would have hardly met one another. During these months they will have a professional follow-up from the specialist of the project.


The association facilitates the contact between the young person and the volunteer and ensures the development of the mentoring relationship so that it becomes constructive and favorable for both parties. The relationship is followed up during the first 6 months; the specialist works with the young person and the volunteer so that they can achieve the objectives of the established work plan. Coordination with other professionals working with the young person is especially important, to ensure the coherence of the process.