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VOLUNTEERS At important moments, stand by their side

Have you had someone close to you who accompanied you at important moments?
Young people need somone to stand a their side at the time of emancipation, 
do you want to be one of them?

Volunteering will let you be a reference for a young person, on any of this projects: 

Resources to improve the training process A project aimed at improving the educational level of youth, through work in abilities and mentoring. This project works on 3 axes: Reinforcement in study habits: motivation and effort grow with the accompaniment of the mentor. Training guidance to accompany youth in the definition of their professional project. Reinforcement of [...]
Temporary shelter for young immigrants over 18 years of age Host offers 9 months stay for youngsters who want to live together with a family. A new home is a new opportunity for youngsters with foreing origin in situation of social vulnerability. The experience brings calm to the youngsters who enjoy a positive family environment [...]
A new trusting figure to share an important moment The young person meets a volunteer who provides emotional, leisure and linguistic support, accompaniment in the occupational insertion, the studies and the search for housing, the improvement of skills & abilities and expansion of the social network.   The mentoring relationships in Referents lasts 10 months, [...]