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Resources to improve the training process

A project aimed at improving the educational level of youth, through work in abilities and mentoring.

This project works on 3 axes:

  • Reinforcement in study habits: motivation and effort grow with the accompaniment of the mentor.
  • Training guidance to accompany youth in the definition of their professional project.
  • Reinforcement of the school study, with individualized and weekly attention.

The project activities include weekly meetings between the young person and the mentor (alternating weekly meetings 1 to 1 and the directed activities with all the project’s mentoring couples). In these meetings activities will be carried out to work on self-knowledge and the skills of young people, to work on cross-section skills, to learn about training resources and to guide their future.

Apart from these weekly activities, young people can choose to participate in the reinforcement sessions to the school study, a complementary weekly space where instead of the mentoring relationship, there are other volunteers who will work with them on the training demands they have during the academic year.

The mentoring relationships in Atenea lasts minimum 8 months, during which the relationship consolidates until it becomes natural in the life of the two people who otherwise would have hardly met one another. During these months they will have the professional follow-up of the technical person in charge of the project.