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We accompany youngsters trough
projects that cover different areas of support



Socio-educational support


Mentoring is the work tool that promotes the relationship between people volunteering to provide individual support to another person. Punt de Refèrencia is part of the Social Mentoring Coordinator, which highlights ​​this intervention model of which Punt de Referència is a leader.

Mentoring is applied to the following projects:

Resources to improve the training process A project aimed at improving the educational level of youth, through work in abilities and mentoring. This project works on 3 axes: Reinforcement in study habits: motivation and effort grow with the accompaniment of the mentor. Training guidance to accompany youth in the definition of their professional project. Reinforcement of [...]
A new trusting figure to share an important moment The young person meets a volunteer who provides emotional, leisure and linguistic support, accompaniment in the occupational insertion, the studies and the search for housing, the improvement of skills & abilities and expansion of the social network.   The mentoring relationships in Referents lasts 10 months, [...]


One of the main demands of the majority of young people is to have a home. The following projects have housing places that, added to the professional and voluntary accompaniment, provide emotional stability and expansion of their network.

Assisted apartments
Young people living on apartments with professional assistance The assisted apartments offer youth the possibility of living temporarily in a rented flat together with 2 or 3 other young people who are in the same situation. They are young persons with many potentials, responsible, committed to their personal and career development and who work with [...]
Temporary shelter for young immigrants over 18 years of age Host offers 9 months stay for youngsters who want to live together with a family. A new home is a new opportunity for youngsters with foreing origin in situation of social vulnerability. The experience brings calm to the youngsters who enjoy a positive family environment [...]
Llars El Pas
Housing for young people moving toward full emancipation Llars El Pas is a project in its pilot phase that provides young people with an option for long-term housing. It is offered to persons who have already finished their stay in the Acull or Pisos Assistits [Assisted Apartments] projects but who still haven't been able to [...]


Professional support is always available to young people. The socio-educational support projects respond to the demands of youth, who receive personalized attention beyond their participation in other projects of the organization. The processing of legal permits or orientation for training are the main demands received.

First welcome
The gateway to Punt de Referència As the title indicates, it is a service of reception, information and attention to the demands of the young people. Also attention and response to the demands of individuals who wish to volunteer in the organization. A single channel to respond to all who contact us.   First welcome [...]
Ongoing professional intervention to meet demands beyond current projects We provide technical support to young people to meet their demands (training, employment, leisure, health, legal ...), establishing a work plan in those cases where we can respond within our organization and/or referring to services and projects of the social care network.   We attend youth [...]